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Alley Restaurant Tycoon

v3.0.4 by Buff Studio Co Ltd

Dive into this immersive restaurant business simulation game

Name Alley Restaurant Tycoon Alley Restaurant Tycoon is the most famous version in the Alley Restaurant Tycoon series of publisher Buff Studio Co Ltd
Publisher Buff Studio Co Ltd
Genre Simulation
Size 213.78 MB
Version 3.0.4
Update 6 July 2024
MOD Use currency to add instead of subtracting
Download (213.78 MB)

Follow the savory scent of hearty broth to find a shady little restaurant down the alley. Its name? 'Soul Haven'!🍲 Work part-time here and experience the hilarious chaos of restaurant life. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of never-ending customers and wacky situations!

Hire popular characters from Jjaltoon Comics like Yoo Sumin, Ddang Ddang, Hyunsik, ShyoomDang and Birdbrain for some part-time madness. But beware, they might tire out quickly, so they definitely need to get some caffeine.

Grow your first restaurant business and then open a second one! Fast food joints, cafes, bakeries—revitalize the neighborhood and drive economic growth!
Get tips from the legendary Chef Gordon Yum-say and manage your eatery like a pro.

😂 Hilarious Quirky Game
1. Hire the characters from Jjaltoon as part-timers
Watch out for friends who'd rather not work; they'll tire out quickly. Keep them going with coffee, some pocket cash, and the occasional bonus💰. Start as a newbie and work your way up to becoming the boss.

2.😍 Boost your follower count to reel in more customers
Expand your store, develop menus, and watch your follower count soar. More followers mean more buzz around your joint and a steady stream of hungry customers.

3.👨‍🍳 Idle Tycoon Restaurant Management Game
It may seem easygoing, but there's endless menu development and the chance to open up new branches. See if you can take over the local scene! You got this!

👍Recommended for These Types of People!
❤️ Those who enjoy idle tycoon games, even if they're not familiar with Jjaltoon!
❤️ Fans of games where you hire managers like hotel sims, mining tycoons, or empire management simulations.
❤️ Those who love addictive tycoon games like Hamster Tycoon, Cat Snack Bar, or idle restaurants.
❤️ Those who prefer simulation games with quirky characters over dreary ones like factory games.
❤️ Fans of classic Korean dishes like rice bowls, pork cutlets, and spicy pork!
❤️ Hardcore fans of restaurant and cooking tycoon games!
❤️ Those in search of offline games that don't require an internet connection!
❤️ Fans of single-player and free-to-play games!

Had enough of cute but bland idle games? Take on the challenge of this hilariously comic tycoon game!

We need your help to create even better tycoon games and restaurant games. Please spread the word to friends who would enjoy idle games, cooking games, and manager games like these. It would mean a lot to us.

1. Added function to promote all branches simultaneously
2. Added function to restore all employees' stamina
3. Added function to clean all branches simultaneously
4. Added three new vehicle types

Download ( 213.78 MB )

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Alley Restaurant Tycoon 3.0.4 MOD
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What's Mod:

Use currency to add instead of subtracting

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