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If you are wondering or have questions that:
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Got news about the game?
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Website: apkfree.me – Free application, is a personal webblog
started operating on April 9, 2022 and is being operated and developed by me.

The objective of the blog APKPRFEE is to act as a website that provides the news and applications that you are looking for.
Besides, the website is also aimed at sharing and communicating experiences and experiences. experience that I have faced when participating in making money online. In addition, the apkfree blog also provides information and tutorials related to the field of website making such as using domain names, servers, useful tools, evaluation of hosting services, SEO… Hope you will use it. Use the information from the website to make money on your own.

What do you get when you visit APKFREE ?

At this blog, I will try to share what I have distilled from news, the values ​​​​that help you make money both online and offline. Basically, APKfree is a personal blog in the form of sharing knowledge, news and applications. The News section is the news, content related to MMO, making money offline.

APKfree Blog Vision I hope to popularize this blog to reach about 1 million visits/month within the next 3 years. (expected 2022) 5-year plan: Increase the popularity of the blog’s APKFREE community to 2 million visits/month. Operation Criteria APKFREE works with immutable principles such as: Provide completely free article content. Only recommend the best quality online/offline services/tools. Update content and support readers fastest.

Create a healthy knowledge exchange environment. According to the global Internet usage regulations, I commit not to store sensitive personal information of visitors, never ask for your personal information except when needed (send contact, register newsletters, do surveys) I will use cookies as a method of marking information about visitors such as browser, gender, access time, page view frequency, etc., in order for me to understand the needs of readers to develop better content. Comments Apkfree allows readers to comment freely like a small forum. In the comment area, you can ask or give your opinion/feeling about the content of the ararticl

However, to avoid annoying and affecting others, I have the right to delete comments in case of force majeure.

The main goal of this blog was created to share information about the application that I know and want to share. At the same time, the blog always welcomes and accepts the contributions of members to provide more diverse articles. I always look forward to receiving your comments and sharing.

Sincere thanks!