Yuri – game review [ios-mac-nitendo]

by beo, Sunday, 5 May 2024 (2 months ago)
Yuri –  game review [ios-mac-nitendo]

Yuri – discover the poetic beauty of the dreamy night through the unique “surfing” game on iOS and Nintendo Switch.


Yuri is also available for iPhone/iPad/AppleTV & Mac

Over the years, the indie game market has appeared quite a lot of games with unique and impressive hand-drawn/pixel graphic styles from different developers such as CottonGame, Amanita Design and Annapurna Intecractive. Some typical names must be mentioned such as Florance, Gorogoa, Samorost, Papetura, Minute of Island, GRIS, …v.v. At that time, gameplay seemed to be just a tool to convey to the audience the artworks of developers, so the common point and strength of these games are probably all in the improved graphics. Their meticulous and meticulous grooming.


Although not wearing such a flashy appearance, Yuri from developer and publisher Fingerlab still impresses gamers through the talented hands of 3 French developer brothers, Potier, Ange and Aurélien . This is still a gem “hiding” among a series of junk mobile games because nearly 6 years since its release, there are quite a few gamers who know its existence..


As a platformer game, Yuri has a simple gameplay mode with the main character’s strange skateboard. You just need to operate 3 keys left – right and jump up to control the main character to cross the obstacles in the game screen and explore the poetic scenes of the jungle at night. Using the dominant blue tone, Potier, Ange and Aurélien created a very surreal atmosphere for Yuri. Each house, tree branch, blade of grass in the game exudes a dreamy beauty, irresistible attraction – it seems to urge gamers to go deep to explore.



The sound in the game is also very unique with the orchestra


If you are looking for a soothing experience to heal your soul this weekend, Yuri will be one of the perfect choices next to The Longest Road on Earth and The First Tree.

The game is currently only available for purchase on 2 platforms, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

Link iPhone/iPad/AppleTV & Mac : Yuri dowload

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