Top most inhibiting game in the world

by beo, Sunday, 5 May 2024 (2 months ago)
Top most inhibiting game in the world

Top most inhibiting game in the world

In the past month, the Horror Game series has released very interesting products not only in terms of graphics but also new gameplay.
And most recently, an Indie game that has received a lot of support from gamers, launched in September 2020 on both Windows and VR platforms, the game has given players creepy experiences when being free to play. I became a spiritual hunter.

Now, everyone thinks that playing games is supposed to be fun, to have fun, right?

Unless gaming can make money like a pro gamer,otherwise there’s nothing to be upset about while playing the game.
However, not everyone thinks so, there are many people with unique tastes, mysterious minds passionate about super difficult games, it can be said to be deadly, only to be able to satisfy them.And the weird thing is that people still make super inhibiting games to serve people who like to suffer before and after like that.Referring to the super difficult, super inhibiting games, people think of the classic Dark Soul game series.However, do you know that there are many other frustrating games that you just want to throw the device away after playing it?

Flappy Bird

This game can be considered as the most famous Vietnamese game when all the production process of the game is done by one hand Nguyen Ha Dong.He has created a phenomenon, a legend that whenever it comes to the most annoying games in the world, the name Flappy Bird will definitely have a place on that list.For those who don’t know, although a bit redundant, this game is a collection of frustrating frustrations and many sacrifices of the phone screen to build this brand.Your task in the game is to do your best so that the crazy back-swimming bird can reach the destination in the safest way.Obstacles on the way are really not too difficult, but the most difficult thing is the bird itself.It can’t fly. You just need to let go of your hand and it will stick its head into the ground or if it’s a little too strong, it will plunge its head straight into the sewers and die.Throughout the journey of Flappy Bird is a process of applying all the things that gamers have: accuracy, decisive situation handling and a pure mind because you will definitely need them.One touch is death, a single life and no save, just one touch is how much of your effort is wasted.The longer you play, the more frustrated you will be with the stupid bird that can’t fly and the best way to vent is to smash whatever you’re holding to hate.

But above all, the most frustrating thing that players get after playing this game of debt:
You will never win this game.
When you and that stupid-faced bird go through all of the 999 sewers in the world, Mario will appear at the end of the path, and spin a fireball in your face, and you start over.

Mario Cat

It goes without saying that there are 7749 Youtubers who have tried this game and all lead to the same end:they don’t even know what in the world they have to play this game of debt for.
So,putting it on this list is really not wrong at all.Adapted from the traditional Mario game Mario Cat will take us to an extremely attractive emotional journey. But just die for the 10th time, the excitement will be replaced by inhibition so that all your hope of winning this game turns into nothing more despair.Talking about Mario Cat difficulty is certainly not as difficult as the Flappy Bird mentioned above.
However, its illiteracy does not need to be mentioned with the arrangement of a bunch of traps on the road that you want to know, only the way to rush to death will know. When you play this game, you officially get rid of the concept of safety because there is no such thing as a safe place in this game. The unknown bricks here block the jumping range, the bricks above or below the feet can fall at any time, and the enemy can eat mushrooms to grow.In general, the enemy’s life span is four, playing only increases blood pressure, not fat.The game only has exactly four levels, but believe me, you will need a few dozen to a few hundred deaths to understand the truth of this game.

Getting Over It

Talking about inhibiting games without talking about young people who like to sit around and hold hammers with a hobby of self-inversion is too flawed.In fact, compared to the two names above, you will be much less miserable, but inhibited several times more.Getting Over It does not have a game screen, nor does it have an easy difficulty setting.What you need to do and have to do is find a way to climb to the top of this game with your hammer.Sounds simple, but the best part is not in the climb, but in the missed climb.I can’t imagine a young man with broad shoulders, ten feet tall, can get into such a small iron jar, and then only insist on using his hammer and useless ability to climb up high.

Fortunately, this hammer also worked with good adhesion, so it became a powerful tool for this young man.The terrain in the game is also extremely difficult to chew, when getting a little higher, many other shapes appear.At first, the earth, then the houses, then the public buildings, then the whole universe.And we’ll climb to space with a hammer.It is our only tool and advantage in Getting Over It
In return, that is the weak point of the hammer because it is too dependent on it just one swing of the hammer in the wrong place, you will lose your balance and fall from the grips immediately.The most deplorable is that this guy sees it, but has no intention is to jump out of that jar and use your limbs like a normal human would do.He decided to let gravity decide where his life was going.Along with that is how great the player’s endurance is.Fortunately, that iron jar is genuine, so falling from above is not damaged.But that is what tantalizes the player more.
Getting Over It is a great place to start.

This game is probably more than a decade old, but every time I play it, I get frustrated.

Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt It’s a game on the NES, it’s a very old system, but few people can play it now.Players will not use a normal controller,but use a gun designed specifically for this game.Your game is very simple:shoot all the ducks that appear on the screen. If you don’t let more than half of the ducks, you will pass the screen and score points.The more you shoot down,the less ammo will be used.The more points.Many people will think this game is frustrating because of the difficulty of the birds,when they appear too fast or too small to hit?

All is not,this game is so easy to play,that people think this game is to create fun for people and sell more “guns” of games they designed.
So where is the inhibition?
The answer is a supporting character that we least expect: the dog.
I swear,playing this game to miss a duck is not as angry as being laughed at by a dog so even if you don’t say a single word.This is still one of the most hated characters in the gaming world.One is that we can’t hit it a single shot because the game doesn’t allow it,so this dog is getting more and more cocky.


The last name I want to mention in this video is Battletoads,a game that you will never be able to describe the level of inhibition of this game.Battletoads was released in 1991, which is nearly 30 years ago,but it has always been considered the top annoying game.Battletoads is always mentioned in the lists of all-time inhibitory games and to this day its position remains unaffected.

You control the frogs to fight with the enemy, overcome the boss fight very normally.Our frogs aren’t too weak,either still has a clear health bar and must go through a number of attacks to be defeated.The bosses are not too overpowering or insurmountable.However the game still inhibits the majority of players.
The main problem with Battletoads is that players don’t know when it will end.
The game is too frugal when they don’t display anything to guide the player.
Enemy health bar: no.
Target to be destroyed: no.
The most frustrating thing is when you encounter an enemy who specializes in playing a guerrilla bomb attack,and the way to defeat him is to use poison and throw the bomb back,the game does not instruct how to throw a bomb to hit the enemy.What gamers can do is toss it into the air,luckily this bomb will fly to where it needs to be about 5-6 times before it escapes. It is often said,waiting is not scary.The scariest thing is that I don’t know how long I have to wait.

This applies to Battletoads the same way.
Because everything is hidden, you will be extremely frustrated when you do not know when you have to fight until you can finish.Especially in the boss fights when each match is like a mental torture because you won’t know the boss has weakened.You are almost caught up in an unequal battle when from time to time, it appears continuously like ants no matter how many hits, the boss remains inert and does not change and to summarize the player’s inhibitions to the climax, the game decides to remove the respawn mode on the spot, which means that the boss is close. If you die before you die, it’s considered a restart.

Listening to the description above, many people will think that this game is similar to that of Dark Souls.The fact that the debt was released ten years before Dark Souls is odd, because its difficulty is cleverly hidden, not straight like Dark Souls.

And that is the list of the most inhibiting games that you should know.
In fact, there are still other easy-to-smash games like the Dark Souls series, Cuphead, but most of them are inhibiting because of their difficulty, and the names above are inhibitory at another level. sure.As for you guys, this game that you find the most inhibited when playing, let us know in the comments below.